7 Celebrities Whose Net Worth Will Baffle You According To Celebnetworth.Wiki

Celebrities, be it an actor, player or the CEO of a multimillion dollar company, are known for their fame. However, that does not count for much in the financial world. In the financial world, what matters is how much wealth they have accumulated, what they have invested in and how much have they given in philanthropy. All this accounts for the total net worth of a celebrity which you can find at celebnetworth. Listed below are seven such celebrities whose net worth will shock you.

7 celebrities whose net worth will surely baffle you




  1. Giorgio Armani

With an estimated net worth of 8.5 billion dollars, it’s hard to compete with this Italian fashion designer. He created the company in 1975 and by the end of 2011 collected a personal fortune of $7 million. With a keen interest in sports, he has designed the clothes of the England football team.

  1. George Lucas

Lucas, the creator of legendary movies such as the star wars and Indiana Jones, has an estimated net worth of 5.2 billion dollars. Even though he pledged to give away half of his earnings to charity, he still occupies the second spot.

  1. Julia Louis Dreyfus

An American actress known for her roles in sitcoms like Seinfeld and Saturday Night Live, Julia Louis Dreyfus is worth 3.4 billion dollars.

  1. J.K. Rowling

The British author known for her acclaimed series Harry Potter is worth around 1 billion dollars. She literally lived out the ‘rags to riches’ story as she was living on social security when she was writing her book.

  1. Bono

Bono, the famed musician of the band U2, is said to have an estimated net worth of 900 million dollars.

  1. Jerry Seinfeld

A famed actor and stand up comedian from the series Seinfeld, Jerry is rumoured to have a net worth of 870 million dollars.

  1. Magic Johnson

This basketball player, who played point guard for the Lakers, is supposed to have a net worth of 600 million dollars according to celebnetworth.wiki.