Reasons to own cats

It is good to own a cat because it’s good for your heart –both emotionally as well as physically.If you spend only 15 to 30 minutes with your cat, you can improve the production of serotonin and reduce cortisol output. High levels of cortisol are connected with hypertension, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and high stress. Studies have revealed that the owners of cat go to their doctor 12 percent less often as compared to those people who don’t have cats.

Your Lifestyle

Cats give a huge number of advantages that can give you a long life, including social communication. Also, cats can be simply our friends 4 ever just like dogs, particularly for females.According to the research of British pet owners, it has been proved that people who have cats with them tend to be smart as compared to the dog owners (both in education levels and IQ). Well, it’s not like owning a cat make you smarter, the idea is that because cats need less attention as compared to dogs, they are a great option for the busy professional person who works for long hours.

our friends 4 ever

Your Emotional Health

If you are worried with caring for your cat, it can aid you take off your mind from all your tension. Having a cat cuddle with you, petting a cat, or being capable to look after your animal can assist you feel much better while lessening your stress level. Playing a laser pen chase game together with your cat quickly improves your mood. Well, cats can be specifically helpful throughout hard times.People in grieving said that talking to their cat aids work their sentiments, because cats don’t give solutions or judge you. They simply love and listen – which is so relaxing to the mind. For further information, go to this link